Sage Date

So frowny.
Sage comes from a very traditional Japanese family. They live in one of those fancy old Japanese estates that have been in the family for generations. Kendo is the Date trade and every family member is trained in it, even Sage's sisters. The family is very famous for their school and people pay a lot of money to be taught by the master- Sage's grandfather.
Date is actually his mother's maiden name and his father married into the family. (Which I think is terribly romantic.) His father works in the police force and his mother is a doctor, but both find time to teach at the school now and then to keep the patriarch happy. Sage has two sisters. The younger one, Satsuki is very sweet and the two get along well. His older sister Yayoi I have never met. She is following in her mother's footsteps and going to medical school. Sage seems to both despise and fear her which is really saying something. I've never seen anything shake Sage up as much as the mention of his sister's name.
Sage also has two uncles on his mother's side. One of which resides at the estate and teaches kendo full time. He has two sons and a daughter, all of which are being groomed as a possible future heads of the school and the family. The grandfather, however, seems to have his sights set directly on Sage which annoys him to no end. The patriarch is harder on Sage than any of the other grandchildren in, I'm assuming, in order to prepare him to be head of the family. All it accomplishes, however, is pushes Sage more in the direction of wanting to do his own thing and to get out of there as soon as he graduates.
Sage is the subject of a lot of gossip and stares at school. From most of the girls because he's easily the prettiest boy in school. (Of which he does not seem to enjoy the excess attention.) And from everyone else because of the hair. Students and teachers alike form conjecture as to why he, the son of a very traditional family, has such blond hair. Most believe it isn't natural and that he dyes it, but then why does his family let him get away with it? Sage does little to disprove any rumors, though they get weirder and weirder each year.
Born on June 9, this Gemini seems to excel at anything he tries. He is president of the kendo club (most likely from much pushing from his grandfather) and even won a district championship. He also plays the bamboo flute very well, though he dislikes playing in front of others. And he enjoys writing and literature as a side hobby.
Sage is a very quiet person. He rarely has much to say and dislikes excess noise. He enjoys quiet alone time to meditate and is very spiritual. Because of his succinct personality, people often mistake his silence for snobbery. And while he has many acquaintances from school, he has no other friends aside from the other Ronins. Though that seems to suit him just fine. Sage is a quality over quantity type person. He is very protective of the friends he has and is a very good listener when you need a friendly ear to vent.