Ryo Sanada

Everyone loves Ryo and Ryo loves everyone!
Born on August 15, this Leo seems to be appointed as the leader of the group. Though I don't think it was as decision left up to Ryo himself. Growing up a single child, he's not quite used to taking on the responsibility of leading others, even though he's been at it a few years now. Even so, Ryo always tries his best and the same can be said for anything he does.
Ryo's mother had been a woman of fragile health all her life and died with he was around two or three. His father, a dedicated wildlife photographer, spent most of his time traveling the world instead of spending it with his son. As such, Ryo grew up under the care of his grandparents on his father's side.
He didn't have many friends as a child as they lived in the family cottage out in the woods and away from civilization. His grandmother home schooled him. Ryo's best friend as a young boy was a massive white tiger named White Blaze which he encountered in the woods. His father and his grandparents never saw the tiger themselves. They always assumed he was an imaginary friend Ryo made up so he would have someone to play with. Calvin and Hobbes-esque scenes played in my head when he told me this and I can't help but grin every time I think about it.
When Ryo was thirteen, his grandfather passed away and his grandmother purchased a small house in the city where Ryo could finally go to a public school and be with people his own age. Ryo does pretty well around people despite his low social interaction as a child. He enjoys both hanging with his friends and meeting new people; though he is a bit awkward (and adorably clueless) around girls at times.
Ryo is generally liked at school and is one of the top players in the school soccer team. Though teachers like to keep an eye on him as he's also a bit of a fire bug. He likes to carry a lighter in his pocket just to watch the flame. Some kids think that's weird, but Ryo hasn't hurt anyone or any thing with it and I doubt he ever will.
Most of the time he is very happy and will hardly hold a grudge against anyone. However he has a tendency to take failure pretty hard. This is mostly because because he does try his best at everything he does and he can't help but be disappointed when it doesn't work out. He is also quick to take the blame for any shortcomings in a group effort. A good quality in a leader, but sometimes the others think he takes it a bit too far. Even when shouldering all the responsibility, Ryo goes at full tilt.