Rowen Hashiba

Eat a frickin burger! You're going to blow away!
Now for stick boy. This Libra's birthday is October 10 and he's the baby of the group. Though not too much younger than the others, he can sometimes act like there's a several year's difference between them.
Rowen is a single child. His parents divorced when he was young and I think his parents tried to overcompensate for that by spoiling him. Rowen still has a hard time dealing with not getting his way now and then. His father moved to Tokyo after the divorce and works at the university in the theoretical physics department. Rowen's mother apparently was way younger than his dad. She had Rowen when she was very young and even now, people assume she's Rowen's older sister and not his mother. But she's a very sweet, chipper lady and Rowen loves her to death.
Unfortunately, though Rowen technically lives with his mother, she's an international journalist and hardly ever home. Despite not having a lot of people around growing up, Rowen never got used to being alone. He hardly spends time in his empty apartment and is usually found hanging at a friend's place; mostly Sage's.
Rowen has a very nonsensical personality. Despite his high IQ and the workload of his studies, he rarely takes things serious. He likes to joke, tease and flirt. And mostly pester Cye. He says because the reaction is too good to leave him alone. Despite this, Rowen is very adult and responsible in other ways. Practically living alone, it is Rowen's job to make sure all the bills get paid and the place is clean. He has to do his own laundry, run all the errands and cook his own meals. Even though he has cooked for himself for years, however, he's still not a very good cook. He only knows how to make simple things and often they get burnt because he gets into something else and forgets to watch the stove.