Kento Rei Faun
Super Kento!

First of all, Kento is awesome. Cye is lucky to have him as a best friend, whether he believes it or not. Kento is a great friend for anyone to have. He's loyal, funny, and though he seems very rough around the edges, he's very in tune and understanding with other people.
Kento comes from a large family and is the oldest of five; he has two brothers and two sisters. Rinfi, the oldest of his sisters, is going through that awkward, moody teenage girl stage. I've hardly seen what she looks like as she's most often in her room cranking her music. Next is Yun, he's very quiet and soft spoken- quite a contrast to the rest of his family. He prefers a quiet corner to read and work on his studies. Next is Mei Ryu, the loud one. He's always very excitable and happy, but his mouth never stops running. The baby is Chun Fa. She is super adorable, but the girl is already developing a sharp tongue. She will let you know exactly what she thinks of you.
The family owns a Chinese restaurant, of which, the oldest three siblings have all worked in. The younger two are constantly being groomed to become helpful staff members as well. Kento often works as a server, but he can also be found managing the front, expediting in the kitchen, or even cooking in the back. It is no secret Kento loves food, but he does not advertise that he knows how to cook- at least cook the dishes his family's business serves. It is very rare if you can persuade him to cook as he sees it as menial drudgery forced upon him by his parents. So he really doesn't enjoy cooking, unlike Cye who cooks for fun.
The spoken word is not Kento's friend. He often has problems with large words, metaphors and abstract sayings. Because of this, it has earned him the reputation of not being as intelligent as the others. But what people often forget is that Kento, whose family is Chinese, speaks Mandarin as his first language. Japanese, the language he uses most often outside of the house, is his second language. And English his third. He is the only one out of the five that speaks three languages which is pretty impressive.
Because of his loud and busy home life and the skills he's developed working at the restaurant, Kento is more personable than the other four Ronins. He is the most comfortable in a large crowd and when meeting new people. In fact, Kento dislikes having quiet alone time as he is so used to being surrounded by people and noise. He is also generally liked at school and has several friends outside of the Ronin group.
Kento's birthday is September 1st, making him a Virgo. He likes to play sports and has been on the school rugby team all through his high school career. The people in his life are very important to him. He loves his family dearly and is always willing to help out others. I think he is an amazing person and I feel so blessed to have him as my friend.