Cye Mouri
Free everything!

This is Cye. I love his guts more than I love anything else in the world. His birthday is March 14th, making him a Pisces which is not surprising. Cye's father died when he was very young. I'm not sure of what, I never asked him. His mother is one of the most sweetest, awesome people I know. Sometimes she acts younger than Cye does. It's very amusing. Cye has one older sister, Sayoko. She acts a lot like her mother, very happy and enthusiastic. Between the two of them, they make Cye look the most mature. When they get together, they can be quite silly and Cye is very no-nonsense.
Cye does extremely well at school. With Rowen in the group, Cye's scholarly achievements often get overshadowed, but he's really very intelligent and works hard at his studies. Cye's strongest subject is science, especially animal sciences and chemistry. He also likes swimming (of course) and basketball. Though I don't believe he's joined either of those clubs at school. He seems to like doing sports on his own time as he's not much into competition. He has also been a part of both the English conversation club and the ikebana club in past years.
Out of this group of five, Cye seems to have been given the "mother hen" title. I think this is for several reasons. For one, he really likes to cook and is usually happy to feed everyone. Two, from the way his family is, he's had a lot of practice being the responsible one and easily falls into that mode when he's around people. Lastly, he has the most common sense. I believe he even beats out Sage in that department. Not that any of the guys are dumb. Especially when they're by themselves, they're all really intelligent. But there's something about all of them getting together that kind of turns them all into big idiots and Cye is usually the voice of reason when they get that way.
Cye is the type of person who likes to stay quiet and not draw attention to himself. He prefers having a few good friends he knows really well as opposed to several friends he just knows casually. When I think of Cye, I think of depth. Like the ocean, there's what you see on the surface and there's what you'll find underneath when you're brave enough to explore it. I think a lot of people don't bother getting to know Cye very well because they believe he's only what he shows on the surface. I say they've never seen Cye really mad. I seriously fear his anger more than the other four put together. It's pretty scary.
Even if he's just annoyed with you, you can tell. He has this "look" that he gives you. Even if you don't notice he's doing it, you can suddenly feel a chill going up your spine when he's glaring at you. I think Rowen and Kento bug him on purpose because they're trying to build up a tolerance to it. I don't think they've succeeded yet. It's pretty powerful stuff.
Cye gets along with the other guys pretty well. Even Rowen, for the most part. Cye and Kento are always bickering, but its very good-natured. I think Cye uses it as a way to relieve stress. Kento doesn't mind when he kind of becomes Cye's punching bag and will get in a few licks himself. But then again, Kento's happy to tussle with anyone. I think that's how he gets his jollies.
Cye's favorite place is obviously the sea. I believe he likes diving more than playing on the beach. And no matter how many times he goes out there, he never comes back smelling like fish. I told him it was probably one of his "super powers". He just looked at me like I was crazy. Everyone assumes Cye really likes blue. I couldn't figure out why until I found out about their armors, but Cye's favorite color is actually green. He also likes sea mammals more than he likes fish, though he'll happily research anything that has to do with the sea.