Pencil Boards

I am not a big Ken Mizuki fan, but I had friends buy me both the Cye and the Sage pencil boards. (Because I have awesome friends.) So I decided I needed to collect the rest.

The picture on the back of each of these is the same in different hues.

This one, of course, is from Gaiden. Check out the awesome Engrish on the back! Fight on!

Here is my second Gaiden board. It has a personality test on the back. I would love to see it translated sometime.

Known to me as the "prom" board and the "tailgate party" board, I found both of these at a convention and was stoked to see Ronin Warrior merch there.

Found this one as well at the same convention and it is SO gorgeous! It's going on the wall right by my computer so I can stare at it all the time. Oh yes. *molests*