Art Books

This little guy is only about 7x5 inches, but I use it more than any other art book. It's my "Ronin Bible". It has more screen caps than you could ever want and it categorized by character. It has everyone from the tv show. If I ever need character reference, I turn to this first. Nothing really extra special in here. No original art, but there are some nice line art character designs of some of the villains and extras from the tv show and Gaiden.

This is another pocket-sized art book full of screen caps from the second OVA. I like to use it for reference when I draw. I also like the cover.

The Daijiten art book is one I would recommend to any Ronin fan. This book is gorgeous, has wonderful art, stories, character designs and so much more. This is a really thick book, too. A lot more pages than I initially thought there would be when I ordered it. It's quickly become my favorite of my very small art book collection.

I got this book around the same time I got the first one. (Not sure which I got first. It's been a long time.) This, of course, is all art related to the first OVA, Gaiden. There's a cool fold out poster in the front of everyone (even Sage) celebrating Ryo's birthday. There's lots of screen caps, but also original art, some doujinshi stories related to the OVA, and some fun cut outs in the back. There's also, my favorite, production line art of the character designs, backgrounds, and scenes from Gaiden.

I found this at a convention last year. Most of the Ronin art books are just full of screen caps so I'm not too keen on collecting all of them since I own the show. Plus, they're usually pretty pricey. This one was a bit different. There is a good hand full of official promo art as well as doujinshi pics in the front. The middle has pictures of all the (male) voice actors. (Don't really care too much about that, but whatever.) The back has some painted backgrounds from the second OVA. The book also came with an envelope with more backgrounds and some production cell copies of all the Ronins. Also all from the second OVA.