Japanese Art Links

Steal any art from these pages and I'll hunt you down and kick you in the crotch!

Really gorgeous art and some beautiful comics.

Some pretty illustrations and other geeky stuff.

Embryonic * Love
Run by a friend of mine. Her art is adorable. Go see!

There's some really nice pics of the Troopers here and even some Full Metal Alchemist art.

Not sure of this title, either. But the art is so cute! Very old school style, I love it!

There's art in here. And it's good art. It's just hard to find so look carefully.

Over Drive
Has some interresting art. I almost fell out of my chair at the picture of the guys dressed as the characters of One Piece LOL!

Artists favorite pairings seem to be Touma/Shuu and Seiji/Nasty.

Mahoroba Kairou
There's a bit of shounen-ai, but it's really adorable.

This artist seems to favor the Touma/Kayura pairing. Lots of stuff of the other guys, too.

This page loads kind of slow, but it has some cute pics if you can wait for them. Actually some Nasueti/Seiji pics! Oh my gosh! 0.0

Extremely cute comics. Check this place out!

Lots and lots of cute chibi pics.

Cosmic Space
Little bit of art. All Seiji and Touma.

Four Leaf Clover
All Touma and Seiji art.

All Touma and Seiji art.