Previous Kiriban winners

5,000 hits For Kristen who wanted a RoSa pic, but nothing lovey-dovey.
10,000 hits Kristen once again.She was jumping between a RoKen pic and a RoSa pic so I just did both. Hope you like.
15,000 hits Shinigami wanted Robyn and Ryo sitting in a tree. And what else would two people be doing there but, K-I-S-S-I-N-G?
20,000 hits Silverwolf Shell was number 20,000. She wanted a picture of her favorite Ro/Ro scene from "Demons in the Doorway".
25,000 hits No one sent in anything for the 25,000 hit. Not even a close number. So I get to pick. This picture was actually requested by Hatashi, one of the winner's from last year's fanfic contest. She wanted a picture of chibi Ronins with Robyn. I know, it's kind of a weird picture. But it's fun. ^.^
30,000 hits Requested by Kuri who wanted the Ronins and Robyn all sleeping. I'm really happy with the way this picture turned out. Thanks for requesting it!