Ronin Pick-Up Lines

Ever been to a party, found the man/woman of your dreams and didn't have a clue what to say to them? Well the characters of Ronin Warriors are here to help. Written below is a long list of pick up lines guaranteed to work on that special someone every time. And yes, these are all real quotes from the show. Some names or other things were edited out, but for the most part, it's what they really say. Learn them. Memorize them. Just one word of caution: we all know how much sex appeal these characters have so it is advised that these pick-up lines be used sparingly. The humor page will not be held responsible for the misuse of these lines or the results.

  • General All-Purpose Pick-Up Lines

    Dais: Long time no see.
    Kayura: Well then, let's begin.
    Ryo: So, this is first class.....
    Cye: What's up?
    Talpa: Witness my victory! (How did that get in there??)
    Ryo: Well come on, I'm the one you're after.
    Rowen: You were going to introduce us to your friend, weren't you?
    Yulie: Woa, what's happen'?
    Ryo: Come on, let's do it!
    Sekhmet: I've come to get you.
    Dais: It is foolish of you to resist me.
    Kento: Come on, let's kick it!
    Dais: I hope you're ready to play.
    Kale: I am here to serve you.
    Dais: I await your command.
    Ryo: Beautiful...... (Ah! *melts* I LOVE when he says that!)
    Ryo: Lookin' good!
    Kento: How's it going?
    Saranbo: I see you have come alone
    Rowen: Let's jam!
    Rowen: Come on then.
    Cye: I'm ready.
    Saranbo: I am here.
    Sekhmet: Observe.
    Cye: How's it going big guy? (I don't want to know ;p)
    Dais: Trust me. I will not disappoint you. (How many times have we heard that?)
    Anubis: Please believe me. I have changed. (Ditto)
    Rowen: So, who are you?
    Kayura: Welcome to the party. Here's where the fun starts.
    Daala: Yes, don't be shy.
    Anubis: Let me have the honor.
    Kento: What do you say I give you a hand?
    Ryo: It's time we stopped playing.
    Mia: Hi there!
    Sekhmet: I will be waiting as long as it takes.
    Ryo: It's good to have you here.
    Dais: Shall we play a game of skill?
    Anubis: Lovely to see you both again.
    Dais: Please, enjoy my hospitality.
    Ryo: Hey there, need a hand?
    Kento: You and me.
    Ryo: Looks bad, any suggestions?
    Rowen: Looks like I'm falling for you.
    Kento: How about I make the first move then?

  • The "What Are They Talking About?" Pick-Up Lines
    (Lines one needs a little imagination to get ;)

    Sekhmet: Today, you will depart for another realm.
    Kayura: Your arrogance will be rewarded with this prize!
    Badamon: I wonder if it's possible to do that.
    Anubis: Make ready. For this is our first and final battle.
    Anubis: I will not stop until I find a way to set things right.
    Sage: It's time for the final showdown.
    Anubis: This is your path, make it a journey.
    Kento: I'm going to show you just how wicked I can be.
    Anubis: We are all prisoners of darkness, your life is the same as mine.
    Rowen: It's time to bring our power together and really kick it.
    SunDevil: It is ignorant of you to think I would not increase my odds of winning.
    Sekhmet: My plan, I assure you, accounts for everything.
    Kayura: The dark warlords, you've seen what they can do. But Talpa let's me do so much more.
    Rowen: We'll find a way in together. That's worked for us so far, right?
    Talpa: Observe carefully.
    Sage: Don't worry, I'll think of something.
    Talpa: Come and meet your fate.
    Kento: Time to punch some tickets!
    SunDevil: So it is time for THIS arrival.

  • A Little Too Forward?

    Rowen: Let's go for a full Inferno link up!
    Cye: Come it now!
    Kento: So then, what are we waiting for?
    Sekhmet: I'll be quick, but not gentle.
    Mia: We have to do it this way.
    Kale: Obey, or feel Talpa's wrath through me!
    Kayura: Are you going to come peacefully or am I going to have to beat you into submission?
    Sekhmet: It will only hurt a little at first.
    Kento: Aww...waiting's no fun.
    Sage: Let's jam it!
    Ryo: You want trouble, come and get it!
    Kento: I think it's time to see who's home!
    Sage: Let's get it on!
    Dais: Come, show me what your wicked armor can do.
    Sekhmet: So, are you ready to give? Perhaps I've been too subtle for you.
    Sage: Prepare yourself!
    Saranbo: I have no choice but to....take what I please.
    Dais: Don't worry, I'll put you out of your misery.
    Kayura: Ah, I'm going to love this.

  • Too Many Staff/Sword Jokes

    Anubis: Do not underestimate the might of the Ancient's staff.
    Ryo: Only your eternal flame can restore my sword now.
    Kayura: I challenge the power of your "magic staff".
    Ryo: So that's the staff of the ancient one, huh?
    Ryo: It's the power of the magic staff.
    Talpa: What a magnificent weapon.
    Daala: This sword and I will become powerful, strong, undefeatable!
    Daala: My new sword grows impatient.
    Kento: These weapons don't grow on trees you know.

  • First Impressions

    First impressions are always important so here are a few lines guaranteed to impress and inspire to love the man/woman/nether spirit of your dreams.

    Sage: I'm not afraid of the dark any more.
    Sekhmet: Your flesh will rot when my poison touches it.
    Anubis: Talpa's evil dominates me no more.
    Anubis: The nether spirits alone do not intimidate me. They are weak, but I feel stronger.
    Badamon: Your ancestors were the only ones who have ever resisted the Dynasty. But now you shall fall victim to my evil and seductive powers.
    Ryo: The soul of righteousness never gives into evil!
    Kento: Well, I do know some stuff.
    Cale: Your mortal world belongs to the Dynasty and you belong to it as well. Join us and I'll set you free.
    Sekhmet: Finally we are face to face and I, the Demon of Venom, will be utterly merciless.
    Sekhmet: No human of any age is a match for a Dark Warlord of the Dynasty. (Any age? 0.0)

  • Talpa's Best Lines
    We all know who's the sexiest in the entire show, right? So what better than to grace us with his endless wisdom for picking up babes than the big man himself? Bask in the knowledge.

    "I am ready to claim you now."

    "I will not be denied. I always get what I want."

    "Give yourself over to me."

    "You still live? Good!"

    "I am Talpa, the new ruler of your world. I fought my way from the dark side of the Nether Realm to conquer you. Anyone willing to join my army shall experience the untold richness of power and immortality."

    "Don't worry, I would not have come this far without a plan."

    "Become my slaves and dedicate your lives to me!"

    "Take care of them. After all, they are useful tools in realization of my goal."

    "I am Talpa, emperor and ruler of the nether world. I admire your determination to stand against me. No matter how futile your efforts will prove to be. I will be victorious! Call me Master!"

    "Yes, I know what you want. Only I can give it to you."

    "I shall give you a chance to win my favor."

    "You realize that although we have millions of human souls under our control, my goals for this world are unattained."

    "The odds are still in our favor though we have to move swiftly."

    "Show me you are ready to receive the power of the dark side."

  • Everything Else
    The collection of miscellaneous pick-up lines. Good for any occasion.

    Ryo: Well, come on then, I'm the one you're after.
    Cale: We should not let this opportunity pass or it may be too late.
    Anubis: I'm not done with you yet.
    Yulie: We've got to do something and we better do it fast!
    Kento: I'll train with you. Don't worry, you're going to be hot!
    Kayura: We've only just begun to play.
    Sekhmet: I would relish one more chance to prove my loyalty to you.
    Ryo: I am coming. Can you feel the power of the Ronin Warriors awaken you? (Hoo hoo! Yeah!)
    Mia: Do what you have to do, but do it now.
    Ryo: We'll improvise, come on.
    Anubis: I remember the last time.
    Kayura: If you're finished, then it's my turn.
    Rowen: Let's see if I can get my point across.
    Sage: Save your strength, you can bet we'll need it later.
    Badamon: I think you will be pleased.
    Kayura: You don't know how long I've been waiting to do that, and it felt good.
    Dais: There is no need for such hot haste.
    Anubis: Good, this is what I want.
    Dais: I feel that I was the one most fit for this task.
    Kale: Your master is calling you.
    Sage: You're mine.
    Dais: Do you like it?

    And now......

  • Top 20 Best (Worst) Ronin Pick-Up Lines.
    (Here they are. The ones that made me gasp, make the worst faces, or just plain made me laugh so hard I thought I'd crap my pants. Prepare yourselves.....)

    20. Cye: I can feel it happening slowly....very slowly.
    19. Dais: What you feel is not an illusion.
    18. Ryo: Just a little further....yeah, now I'm jammin!
    17. Rowen: Okay, let's go. We can't waste the ancient one's death. (That's Rowen, any reason for a lay.)
    16. Cye: It's like shooting the rapids at level four.
    15.Badamon: It's an interesting proposition, don't you think?
    14.Sage: Let's do some damage!
    13. Kayura: Do you remember these?
    12. Kayura: Two against one hardly seems fair. Perhaps if I only use one hand.
    11. Anubis: I'll show you all my incredible power. Have a taste of this!
    10. Sekhmet: If I move swiftly, I can do better than Anubis.
    9.Yulie: Look what I've got for you.
    8. Mia: It's just like my grandfather described it.
    7. Sand Strikers: It's like sinking in quicksand. Only we can swallow you a thousand times over.
    6. Dais: You and I are old friends, so forgive me if I ignore the formalities.
    5. Ryo: You'll get nothing but a hard time out of me....and it will be my pleasure.
    4. Rowen: The Ancient One said I could.
    3. Sekhmet: At least you can say you felt my sting.
    2. Kayura: I guess I should be considerate and let you get in a couple good licks.
    1. Talpa: Rise! Rise! Rise!

    What??! Don't look at me like that! You know you'd like them to say those things to you!