~Things I Learned from Watching Ronin Warriors~

From Me

Rowen: Hey guys, there's a chicken! And it's crossing the road!

Cye: The chicken is taking too long. Can't we just go on without it?

Cale: Because Master Talpa commands it!

Ryo: It's all my fault! If I would have been able to control the white armor the chicken would have never had to cross the road!

Anubis: *sigh* Ancient, if only you were here you could tell me the answer.

Mia: Perhaps the answer lies somewhere in my grandfather's data. *types away at the computer*

Yulie: I want to go! Please chicken, let me come with you!

Kento: I don't know, but all this talk about chickens is making me hungry.

Sage: What a hot dog. I can't believe the chicken really crossed that road.

Talpa: Ah chicken, your powers are growing. But the power to cross roads used to be mine. You can feel it, too. Come chicken, join the Dynasty and we will rule this world!

Ancient: Be brave young chicken, for the journey is long and the roads are many. But be true to the heart of your armor and you will succeed.

Sage: Wait, we need a plan before we just go out and start crossing roads.

Ryo: What are you doing? Stupid chicken! You'll only get hurt!

Kayura: Thank you for your kind offer chicken, but I do not need help crossing the road.

Dais: Please chicken, what is this road you are crossing?

Lord Saber Strike: Ah, this is a noble chicken indeed. Go Black Blaze, the road has chosen its master and it is not me.
Black Blaze: ROAR! *eats chicken*

Sekhmet: Go chicken, so at least you can say you crossed the road.

Rowen: Because the Ancient One said she could! (I'm sorry guys, that's totally my favorite line ^.^)

Kento: I had this really weird dream that I was a chicken and I crossed this road. What do you think it all means?

Sage: Tell me Ancient, is this the road I must cross?

From Mirror and Image

Rowen: Take the distance times the area of the road plus the derivative of the speed of the chicken and divide by the square root of the acceleration and place the resulting formula on a Cartesian plane to calculate the distance formula minus the slope formula all raised to the power of pi, then place on a 3d plane and calculate the vector of the z and factor in the distance again...

Cye: I know a great recipe for fried chicken.

Kento: Does this remind anyone of Tiba the Masoku chicken from Slayers?

Sekhmet: Gimme that chicken! I'll rip his feathers off and eat him raw for the Dynasty! Mwahahahahahahahahahah!

Cale: *sweatdrop*

From Pathfinder

Rowen: Well, it's obvious that the chicken was trying to get to the other side, however, Kento ran it over with his terrible driving skills.

Sage: Think if we stuck the chicken's hair under the waterfall it's hair would move?

Cale: Chicken, crossing the road is all around you, are you ready to welcome it?

Kento: Lemme guess, Dais screwed up his magic trick and pulled this out of his hat instead, didn't he?

Yuli: (pointing at chicken) I want this one, I really want this one! (you have to remember the first episode to get this one)

From Dixxy

Cale: Come chicken, cross the road, your master is calling you.

Rowen: Well, according to Newton's third law of motion, the chicken should have an equal but opposite re-crossing of the road.

Ryo: So? (this one cracks me up for some reason)

Yuli: Hey Mister, is that a real chicken? (also need to remember first episode)

Mia: I hope that chicken's wearing his thermal underwear. (That came from the "splittign the stone" episode and is still one of my fave quotes)

White Blaze: Roar, roar, growl, roar, roar, growl.

Dais: *whining* MMMAAASSSTTTEEERRRR! The chicken is crossing the road!

Badamon: Master Talpa, I assure you that the chicken will not succeed in crossing the road.

Ryo: Listen to me, chicken, before it's too late! You have to get out of here! Before that car- too late.

Ryo: It's kind of pointless to cross the road if you're only going to be Kento's dinner anyways.

Sage: You could be walking right into a trap, chicken.

Rowen: Doesn't he know crossing the road is out?

Sehkment: *laughs insanely* This time, chicken, my blades will poison you before you cross the road! *continues to laugh insanely* TASTE MY VENOM!

Cale: Yes, yes, welcome to the dark side of the road.

Mia's grandfather: *possessed* This is the final day of chickens.

From Okami-Chan

Cye: Oh, did you miss it. *laughs* Kento was chasing after it with chopsticks! I didn't even know he used them! *continues laughing* It was soo funny! He... he... *is laughing too hard* had the funniest look on his face, and the chicken was running so fast. *can't talk, too busy laughing* :D

Sage: Cause he *jerks his blonde head at Rowen* was talking too much. The windbag.
Rowen: Excuse me! _Who's_ a windbag. You're one to be talking! After all you took up two entire episodes talking to yourself you know! I only needed one!
Sage: What are you talking about?
Rowen: The Message OAV! You took up about half of Kento's and then you had your own! All just so you could talk! I wouldn't speak if I was you.
Sage: -_- I still have no idea what you're talking about.
Mia: Rowen, remember the OAVs never came out in our version, so that doesn't count, okay.
Rowen: He's STILL a windbag! Wouldn't you cross a road to get away from him?
Sage + Mia: -_-;;

Ryo: Well, the chicken tried to cross the road. But it didn't get very far. ^_^;;*rubs the back of his head*
Whiteblaze: *plops down in front of Ryo, feathers hanging outh of his mouth*

Kento: Dude, wouldn't you cross the road to get to my parents' restaurant? Even chickens enjoy it! Come on you got try it! We even deliver! *shameless advertisement*