Ghost's Note: Despite many protests, no names were changed in this fic except for the city and state. Everything else is ligitimate. Partly because it would just be a pain to go through and switch them all, but mostly because Ghost is an evil Nazi, heh. Yes, this is another one of Hatashi's stories. And yes, this is a self insert fic. But I doubt you've ever read one like this before. Just give it a try, it's too funny! ^.^

A Cassie Benson-ish Story
By: Hatashi

Dedicated to those who found their marbles.

The clock struck three and the bell rang immediately after. Hundreds of kids raced out of their classes and into the halls of Union High School.
Cassie Benson, a blonde haired girl with a little shorter than average height for a sixteen-year old, was one of the first to get out of her class. She slowly walked to her locker. She had a bad day and wanted so badly to go home. Luckily, it was a Friday.
Her locker was dark grey, had swear words, and Jan loves Jake notes on it. It was the ugliest locker she had ever seen. She opened it and saw all her papers and books messed up. She grew angry.
"I'll teach Jamee not to mess up my locker," she said loudly.
She looked around. Everyone was looking at her. Apparently, she said it a bit too loudly.
Grumbling, she grabbed her math book, slammed her locker and hurried out of the school. Her walk home was always the most peaceful time of the day. The sun shown on her back making her very warm. She gave a sigh of happiness as she walked on.
"On no," Cassie said, irritated.
She saw, driving the junkiest car, Emi and Jamee, two of her friends.
"Hey dork," Jamie called. She was average height and had shoulder length brown hair.
"Don't call Cassie a dork!" Emi yelled at her. Emi was average height and had very long brownish-blonde hair. "You only call someone a dork if they deserve it."
"Cassie deserves it big time."
"You're the dork!"
"Nuh uh!"
"Yeah huh!"
"Major dork!"
"Double dork!"
"Major double dork!
Cassie watched the two try and invent new ways to call each other dorks. She rolled her eyes as them. They could be worse, but usually, if they weren't together they could be pretty sensible.
"El dorko!"
"Would you two be quiet for a moment," Cassie shushed them. "I hate that word."
They both smiled sweetly at her and replied in unison. "We know."
Cassie gave them an angry look and continued walking.
"Do you need a ride?" Jamee asked.
"I'd rather walk thirty miles than listen to you two. And besides, that piece of junk is about to explode."
"What?" Emi said, surprised. "This car is like brand new."
She patted the dash board and the car shut down. She looked at Cassie sheepishly and tried to start it again. Jamee was laughing so hard she started to cry.
"Shut up dork and get out and push," Emi yelled.
Jamee obeyed, still laughing.
Cassie hurried on. She was almost home when she saw something red on the sidewalk. She bent over and picked it up. It was a bright, red marble with a Japanese symbol in the middle. She smiled and put it in her pocket. Today wasn't going as bad as she thought.

The telephone rang and Cassie's mother answered it.
"Hello Earth creature," a weird voice said. "We have invaded your communication unit."
"It's no use to panic. We only want to talk to the human, Cassie," added another voice.
"I'll get her," Cassie's mother said. "Cassie! Emi and Jamee are on the phone."
Cassie looked up from her book.
"I'm not talking to them," she responded angrily and went back to reading.
"Maybe you two should wait until she's in a better mood," Cassie's mom said to the phone. "Bye."
"Bye," the two replied.
Cassie's mother looked at Cassie.
"If you're not going to do something with your friends then you can take out the trash."
Cassie got up grumbling and took the big plastic sack to the black garbage can outside. Suddenly, these huge, ugly guys in armor landed around her. They all looked the same; grey, black, and weird. Only when they approached her did Cassie start to scream.
They tried to catch her but she ran away. She had gone about ten yards and stopped to look behind her when a hand grabbed her from behind. She screamed very loud. Cassie turned around and looked at her captor. He wasn't like the others. For one thing, he was more colorful and for another, she could tell he was human.
"You idiots couldn't even capture this one girl!?" he yelled at the soldiers. "You have dishonored the Dynasty!"
"W-w-who are you?" Cassie stuttered in fright.
"I, small one, am Anubis, the Dark Warlord of Cruelty. And I am your captor who will take you to Talpa, master of the Dynasty and soon to be ruler of your world. Ha!" he replied evilly.
"That's nice. Thank you for telling me. I'll be going now."
"No you won't! I will be..."
"Mom! Help me! They're going to take me...."
"No! You aren't going anywhere with your friends until you do your homework."
"But Mo-om!"
"No buts! Now into the house."
So while Cassie did her homework as slowly as she could, Anubis and his army had cookies and milk in her kitchen. Upstairs Cassie could hear the conversation with her mom.
"So, what's your name young man?"
"I am Anubis, Warlord of Cruelty."
"Oh, are you Cassie's boyfriend?"
"I have no friends. I am only loyal to Talpa."
"And who is Talpa? An Uncle?"
"No. Talpa is my master and king of the Dynasty."
"Oh, your boss. What do you do?"
"I wreak havoc on Tokyo and destroy stuff."
"A lawyer? You must make a lot of money then. More cookies?"
Anubis took some politely and thanked Cassie's mom.
Cassie stared out the window, almost too scared to get up and tell her mom she was finished. When she saw it was dark outside she almost shouted for joy. Her mother never let her go anywhere after dark.
"Moooom! I'm done with my homework."
"That's good."
She skipped downstairs to the kitchen where Anubis and her mom were talking.
"Now she can come with me to Master Talpa," Anubis said.
"But Mom has this rule about being out after dark, sorry. Maybe we can play tomorrow."
Anubis looked kind of sad. His bottom lip stuck out into a pout. Cassie's mom looked from him to Cassie and smiled.
"Oh, I think I'll let you go this once. He seems nice and besides, you're sixteen and you deserve to have a little more freedom."
Anubis' mouth turned up into an evil smile.
"Good. Talpa will be pleased."
"But Mom, your rule!" Cassie pleaded.
"Go have some fun, dear."
Anubis grabbed the back of her shirt and dragged her out the door.
"Swell," Cassie grumbled and folded her arms.
"Be home by ten, dear!"

Anubis dragged Cassie down the street. Cassie just sat there with her arms crossed. Then she looked back and saw a huge door. It opened up to a strange grey land filled with mist. At the top of a big hill was a large castle. Anubis started to drag Cassie through the doors.
"You're not going to take me in there, are you?" Cassie asked.
"Of course I am. That is Lord Talpa's realm."
"I decided I'm feeling rather sick. Lord Talpa wouldn't want to see me," Cassie said as she faked a cough.
Cassie then slipped out of Anubis' fingers and started running away. But then his troops surrounded her with wicked looking spears pointed right at her.
She smiled at them and said "One little tour couldn't hurt."
Anubis smiled and stepped into the Dynasty realm. Cassie followed with the soldiers at her back.
"This just isn't my day," she grumbled.

Anubis led her on and on until they reached the castle. Stepping inside, she noticed it looked like those old Japanese buildings like in Mulan. More curious than scared, she allowed herself to be taken from one room to the other. She saw many tapestries and other interesting things that you would only see in a museum.
Anubis finally stopped in a large room. At one side was total darkness.
"I present you to Talpa, Master of...."
"Of the Dynasty," Cassie finished. "I get the point."
She looked questioningly at the blank wall and then back at Anubis.
"Uh huh. I think you've got your helmet on a little too tight there, Anubis ol buddy."
"Silence, mortal!"
The voice was so loud and fierce that Cassie jumped in the air. She turned and saw a large head appearing in the darkness. At the sight of the ugly thing she almost fainted.
Anubis kneeled and confirmed, "I have brought the girl as you requested."
"Excellent Anubis. You may go."
"But Master, this girl is much trouble. I think I should be here..."
"I have no more need of your assistance."
Anubis bowed again and disappeared.
"Now human child, I want that armor orb."
"W-w-what armor orb?"
"Do not toy with me, girl!"
Cassie got so scared she tried to run out of the room but some guards stopped her.
"If you will not cooperate with me we will have to use other methods."
With that, the guards started towards her with their weapons pointed right at her. Immediately, the roof caved in and dust blocked all view from Cassie. She coughed and heaved, the dust choking her.
When the dust settled she saw five young men about her age. Four of them were in some sort of sub armor and the other was dressed in plain clothes. He was riding a large, white tiger.
"Ronin Warriors!" Talpa yelled. "Get out now and I will let you live!"
"Fat chance, Talpa dude," the one in orange armor yelled back.
"Get them," commanded Talpa. "Anubis, Sekhmet, Cale, Dais! Get in here and destroy these Ronins!"
Then Anubis and three other ugly guys in armor came charging in.
"Hey you guys," the warrior in green armor said. "We better get serious."
The others nodded.
"Okay you guys," the dark blue warrior said to the evil warlords. "Stay there and don't hurt us while we get on our armors."
So the evil warlords just stood by while the Ronin Warriors called out some words. Then they brought their hands together. With that, a lot of energy built up and the room got dark. Then some sort of tapestries with flowers all over them popped out of the floor and flew into the air. After they reached their highest peak they changed into hundreds of cherry blossoms that floated down into a spotlight which had the four Ronin Warriors posing in their new armor with their weapons. The lights turned back on again.
The purple warlord with only one eye yawned. "Are you Ronins done?" he asked in a droll voice.
"You bet Dais," the orange one said.
The four Ronins clashed weapons with the four Warlords.
Cassie backed up carefully, hoping not to attract any attention to herself. But then, she felt hot breath on her. She turned around and screamed. There was the large white tiger starring at her.
"It's okay, he won't hurt you," the guy on the tiger's back told her.
Cassie stepped back away from the tiger. She bumped into something and turned around to see the same guards that chased her at her house. She was trapped between the guards and the tiger. She didn't know which was worse.
Unexpectedly, one guard came after her with its spear. She froze with fear, but then the tiger jumped on the guard. She fell down and felt like she was going to cry. But then the guy grabbed her hand and hauled her to her feet.
"Come on, we need to get you out of here," he said in an urgent tone.
She followed him out the door and through a lot of halls. One hall had hundreds of doors. The guys pushed her in one and went in. He closed the door but left it open just a crack so he could watch.
Cassie looked at the boy. He was about 17, maybe 18. He had jet black hair and blue eyes. His clothes were a white and purple shirt that wasn't tucked into his blue jeans.
She looked around and saw they were in a closet. A large closet. Then she looked back at the boy who now faced her.
"Give me the marble," he ordered.
"I don't have any marbles," Cassie answered quickly. She thought about what she had said and sort of laughed.
The boy thought for a while and laughed, too.
"I know you're scared, but I need that marble. So please give it to me," he pleaded sincerely.
For a while she looked into his eyes and saw them pleading. She reached into her pocket and got out the red marble she found. She was about to hand it to the boy when the door was chopped in half. Outside was a guy in grey and red armor.
"Cale!" the boy spat at out the Dark Warlord's name.
"So, Ryo of the Wildfire, we meet again," the warlord said casually.
Ryo just gritted his teeth at him.
"Give me the marble, girl, and we will let you go free," Cale encouraged, turning his attention to Cassie. "Give it to the boy and you will be destroyed slowly."
Cassie looked back from the Warlord to Ryo. She couldn't decide. But she didn't have to. Right then another sword came right through the wall. The sword gleamed and the wall exploded into splinters. Standing on the other side was a guy in green and red armor. His entrance startled Cassie into dropping the marble into a big crack in the floor. Nobody saw this but her.
"White Blaze!" Ryo shouted.
In no time at all, the large white tiger knocked down Cale. Ryo then grabbed Cassie's hand and lead her out of the closet. He then quickly grabbed Cassie around the waist and put her on the tiger.
"Hold on tight," he told Cassie. Then he instructed to the tiger. "White Blaze, take her somewhere safe. Now!"
Cassie could hear Cale shout. "Sekhmet! Get them!"
She didn't have a chance to see anything else because White Blaze took off, leaving Ryo. She had to hold on very tight to hang on because White Blaze ran so fast.
Cassie knew that White Blaze wasn't going to take her home. For one thing, she noticed he took a different door. And another thing, the door lead to Toyama.
"How can I be in Japan?" she said to herself. "It's on the other side of the earth."
But she didn't get to think about it much longer. She started to doze off. She closed her eyes and fell asleep with her fingers locked into White Blaze's fur.

"Hey, wake up," Cassie heard a child's voice tell her.
She moaned and sat up. Her head began to spin and she fell off White Blaze who was no longer moving.
"Are you okay?" the child's voice asked.
She opened her eyes and saw a little boy standing above her.
"Who are you?"
"I'm Yulie. What's your name? Are you hurt?"
"I'm Cassie. I'm fine, I'm just tired."
With that she fell asleep again.

When Cassie woke up again she found herself on a bed in a room decorated with tapestries and pictures of flowers. The sun shone brightly on her face.
"Where am I?" she asked herself.
She got out of the bed and walked out of the room. In the hall she heard voices in the room down the hall.
"Kento, stop hogging all the pancakes!"
"But I'm hungry!"
"You're always hungry, you pig!"
"Stop it you two."
The new voice sounded familiar. Cassie recognized it as Ryo's.
She stepped into the room and saw two guys fighting for a plate of pancakes. One was a tall brownish-haired guy with a tan jacket over a nice white shirt and brown pants. The other was a well muscled guy and he had on a white shirt with brown overalls. Cassie did a double take when she saw his dark blue hair. Dark blue?
"Oh, you're awake."
Cassie looked at a lady who was standing by the stove cooking pancakes. She had long brown hair and wore a pink shirt and blue pants.
The two guys who were fighting looked at her. The one with blue hair let go of the plate and smiled a goofy smile at her at her. The other guy fell backwards and the plate of pancakes fell over his head.
"Cye, are you okay?" the blue haired guy asked.
"What do you think Kento?" Cye said as he threw pancakes at him.
Kento just dodged them and helped his buddy up.
Everyone laughed, even Cassie. The two reminded her of Emi and Jamee.
"Sit down and have some pancakes," the woman said.
Cassie sat down uneasily. She felt strange being there among all these strangers. While they ate, they tried to have a pleasant conversation. Cassie could tell there was something on all their minds and it made her more uneasy.
"Alright, where's the marble?" Kento blurted out.
"Kento!" the young woman gasped in horror.
"Well, that's what she's here for, isn't she?"
"You don't have to be so rude about it."
Cassie sat there quietly looking at her half-eaten pancake. She was afraid to tell them she dropped the marble.
"Now that the question is out she might as well answer it," Kento said.
They all looked at Cassie. She sighed.
"'s back at the castle. I dropped it in a crack accidentally,"
Ryo moaned. Then everyone started to argue. Kento wanted to go back and bust in there. Cye said they needed a plan. Cassie suddenly got angry. She wanted to go home. She wanted answers. Why was she here? How did she get here?
"Who are you people?" she suddenly shouted out loud.
Everyone then stopped talking and looked at her. Even White Blaze, who was on the floor, woke up and stared at her.
"Ryo, I think we need to explain to her. She really has gone through a lot," said the lady.
Ryo started by introducing everyone. The lady was Mia. There was Yule, the boy from last night. He had black hair and a white shirt with blue shorts on. He introduced the other two guys in the room that had said nothing. Sage was the blond haired guy with his hair covering one of his light blue eyes. He wore a light blue shirt and brown pants. Rowen was a light blue haired boy that had on a dark blue and red jacket over a plain white T-shirt and light blue jeans.
Cassie introduced herself as well.
"We are the five Ronin Warriors," Ryo said proudly.
Cassie's eyebrows turned down. She had heard about the Ronins but she didn't know where. Then it hit her. She remembered back a little ways in school at lunch when Emi and Jamee were being very silly.
"I am a Ronin Warrior," Emi said in a deep voice. "I will fight you Dark Warlord."
Emi grabbed a spoon and put one foot on the table. Jamee grabbed a fork and did the same.
"I am Anubis," Jamie said in a deep voice. "Ronin Warrior, I will destroy you for my master, the big ugly head, Talpa!"
The two clashed utensils for a while.
"Taste the wrath of my plastic spoon," Emi shouted. "Super Spoon Smasher!"
She filled it up with green Jell-O and flipped it at Jamee.
"This is war," Jamie exclaimed.
She flipped some whipped cream at Emi. They both laughed so hard they couldn't stand. Cassie had stared at them, wondering how she got stuck with them.
She sighed and snapped herself back into reality while making herself pay attention to Ryo's story.
"Then dynasty stole my armor orb--the marble-- but somehow they lost it in your town. Where do you live?"
They stared blankly.
"No way!" Kento yelled. "That's all the way around the world!"
"How did the Dynasty do that?" Sage asked.
"They must have been able to link other places around the world and get there in seconds," Rowen said.
"Can they do that?" Ryo asked.
Rowen shrugged.
"I'm more worried about Ryo's armor," Kento said. "Without it we can't summon up the white armor."
They all nodded.
"We should go right away," Sage agreed. "The Dynasty might have already found it."
They all started talking at once again.
"Who's going to take me home?" Cassie asked.
"You can't go home now," Cye told her. "You have to help us."
"Why me?"
"Because you know where the marble is," Cye said.
Cassie gulped.
"But I don't want to go back there. I want to go home and have a normal life like everyone else," Cassie bawled.
"But you have to help us," Yulie said.
"He's right," Ryo said, "If we don't find that marble the Dynasty will take over the Earth. Everything in this world is counting on you."
"I don't want to go," Cassie pouted.
"Pleeeeaaaaaaassseeee," they all said, giving her the I'm-a-cute-little-lost-kitten look.
"Alright I'll got if you'll stop doing that!"

After making sure Ryo kept his distance, Cassie got on White Blaze with him.
"Hey Ryo," Yulie called. "Can I come with you into life-threatening danger where I will be captured and probably risk everyone's life because of my ignorance?"
"Sorry Yulie," Ryo said. "Maybe next time."
Cassie stared at Ryo and hoped he was joking. White Blaze leapt and Cassie had to hurry to grab his fur or she would fall off. After a while of running Cassie tried to have a conversation with Ryo.
"So Ryo," she started. "How did you guys escape last night?"
Ryo was about to answer when Kento, who was running at a surprisingly rapid speed in his sub armor, answered.
"We used our strength, ability, and brains to trick and beat those Dynasty creeps!"
"Really?" Cassie asked in wonderment.
"No," Ryo objected. "They ran away screaming like little girls."
"If I'm not mistaken, you were screaming the loudest, Ryo!" Kento said in a mocking tone.
Cassie didn't have to look behind her to tell that Ryo was blushing. She also was wondering how these so-called warriors could save the day.
It didn't take long to get to the castle. There were a few guards but they were easily taken down.
"This seems a little too easy," Cye whispered.
"Maybe they're expecting us," Rowen said.
They snuck in very quietly. They went through lot of halls until they reached the one hall with hundreds of doors.
"Which one?" Sage asked Cassie.
"Um, the one that's broken," she said, remembering what Sekhmet and Cale did to the closet.
"None of them are broken," Kento replied.
"They must have repaired it," Ryo added.
"Then we have to search all of them for the crack in the floor," Cassie said.
All six of them opened the doors and looked for the crack that the marble fell through. The were half way through when the Dark Warlords appeared. As the Ronin Warriors fought with the Warlords, Cassie hid in one closet. She watches as the four changed into their armor and got captured by the Dynasty.
"Okay, we have the Ronin Warriors. Dais, catch that tiger and find the girl, now," Anubis ordered.
"Why do I always have to do the stupid work?" Dais whined.
"Because if you don't I'll tell on you to Talpa," Anubis answered.
"Tattle-tale," Dais said under his breath. He then turned his attention to White Blaze. "Here kitty-kitty-kitty," he called.
White Blaze growled at him.
"I had enough of this!" he shouted.
Grabbing a weapon that had eight spikes poking out from it from behind his back, he pointed it at White Blaze. The spikes shot out of it at the tiger. Fortunately, they missed White Blaze. Unfortunately, one shredded up Cassie's door.
"Well at least I won't have to go looking for you," Dais said happily.
He reached out to grab her but she ducked behind him and jumped on White Blaze's back.
"Come on White Blaze. We are going to get help," Cassie told him.
White Blaze roared with agreement. Cassie steered him to the door which she came through the first time. She was glad to be back among familiar things. She steered to a house that she was very familiar with. Emi and Jamee's house. They had a house together because their families couldn't stand them when they were together.
Cassie busted through the door. Inside was Emi and Jamee in their pajamas watching tv.
"Hey, it's Cassie," Emi shouted. "Ow ow! Way to go Cassie!"
"What do you mean?" Cassie frowned.
"Your mom called this morning, thinking you ran away with your boyfriend," Jamee informed her.
"Oh, my mom," Cassie remembered. Her mom didn't know where she was all night.
"You guys have to come with me now!" Cassie yelled.
" But this is the best Ronin Warriors show ever," Emi whined. "I've never seen it before."
"Yeah, and it even has someone in it who acts just like you," Jamee added. "And her name is Cassie, too!"
Cassie went over to the tv and saw the Ronin Warriors hanging over a lava pit in chains that locked on their wrists. Ryo didn't have his armor on.
"That's because it was me," Cassie shouted. "I'm in this episode."
"Well that explains the flashback," Emi said.
"What flashback?" Cassie asked.
"The flashback with us fighting at the lunch table with utensils and food," Jamee answered.
"The tv can read my thoughts!" Cassie exclaimed in horror.
"Tv can do that," Emi explained nodding her head. "Just watch. It's going to show everyone's thoughts."
Cassie watched as the tv revealed the thoughts of all the Ronins and Warlords.
'I wish Cassie would get here with my armor,' Ryo thought.
I wish we could destroy these Ronins right now,' Anubis thought.
I wonder what they're waiting for. They can just destroy us right now,' Rowen thought.
I wish that stupid kid and girl were here so I could scare them,' thought Dais.
This is all Kento's fault,' Cye thought.
I wonder why hot dogs come in packages of ten and the buns only come in packages of eight,' thought Cale.
I wonder what Mia's making for dinner,' Kento thought.
I wonder why Talpa is just a floating head,' Sekhmet thought.
This is all Kento's fault,' Sage thought.
Maybe I should tell the Dark Warlords they aren't getting paid,' Talpa thought.
"See Cassie, it's that simple," Jamee said.
"Enough of that, we need to save them," Cassie shouted urgently.
"You mean we get to go meet the Ronins?" Jamie inquired.
"Ya hoo!" they both shouted and ran off.
"Where are you two going?"
"To get dressed," Jamee answered. "We can't go fight evil and save the day in our pj's now can we?"
So while they got dressed Cassie called her mom and told her where she was. She left out anything about the Ronins and fighting.
"Okay, we're ready. Let's go!" Emi shouted.
"I get to drive!" Jamee shouted.
"No you don't!"
"Why not?"
"It's my car."
"I helped pay for it."
"Yeah, like two dollars."
"Well, then I get shot gun!"
They all jumped into the car. It didn't have a top and it was blue.
"Come on White Blaze, get in," Emi coaxed.
White Blaze acted like he didn't hear her.
"Get in you stupid tiger," Jamee yelled. "The way Emi drives you'll be safer."
He jumped into the back next to Cassie who hurried and put her seat belt on. Emi started the car and drove off at full speed. The wind flipped everyone's hair back and White Blaze leaned out of the car. Cassie directed them to the big doors.
"Hey, it's just like Jurassic Park," Jamee commented.
As soon as they entered, guards surrounded them.
"Fifty points for each one you hit!" Jamee shouted.
Emi pushed on the gas and raced towards the first guard. She hit it and it went flying over them.
"Hey Emi, you're going fifty miles per hour," Jamee pointed out.
"So, do you see a speed limit sign anywhere?"
Emi accelerated and hit more guards. She swerved to hit as many as she could. Cassie looked a little green and White Blaze was having the time of his life.
"Wa-hoo! New targets," Emi whooped as the Dark Warlords came in view.
"Hi Anubis," Jamee called as he came in view.
Emi hit him and he flew over their heads.
"Bye Anubis. Hi Sekhmet. Bye Sekhmet. Hi Cale. Bye Cale. Hi Dais," Jamee said as Emi hit each of them with her car.
But Dais was too quick. He brought out his weapon and jumped into the air and scratched the car. Emi hurried and did a U-turn. Her face was filled with anger as she glared at Dais.
"You scratched my car!" she hissed at him furiously.
Dais stared right back at her. Emi revved the car's engine. Dais got ready as his muscles tensed up. She then stepped on the gas and raced towards him. Right before she got him he ran left. Emi turned right, the back end of the car swung around and hit Dais. He flew in the air and landed on top of the other Warlords.
"Get them you fools!" Anubis shouted.
"Nice shot," Jamee commented.
The castle came into view. Emi didn't stop as she hit the door. They hit something and were airborne for a couple of seconds and landed with a screech. Emi shut off the car.
"Can you believe I never had a lesson in my life," Emi gloated proudly.
Cassie led them through the castle to the hallway of doors.
"Wow, that's a lot of doors," Emi commented.
"Help me find a crack in the floor in one of these closets," Cassie said.
They helped her and finally, Jamee found the crack. Cassie looked down it and there was Ryo's marble. She tried to put her hand in the crack but it was too small.
"Let us handle this," Jamee told her. "Stand back."
Then Emi and Jamee got some marbles out of their pockets. Emi's was purple and Jamie's was yellow.
"Where did you get those?" Cassie asked.
"Garage sale," Emi answered sarcastically.
Both of them threw their marbles in the air and their clothes became a sub armor. Then they said some weird words and other stuff happened with the cherry blossoms coming down and they posed in their armors.
"Alright, we're ready," Jamee told Cassie, who didn't look to sure about the situation.
The both stepped forward and fell down.
"Are you two okay?" Cassie asked.
"Armor...too...heavy..." Jamie groaned.
"Can't....move," Emi moaned.
Cassie helped them up.
"Come on Jamee," Emi said, smiling. "Let's take out our weapons and bust a cap on this place!"
Jamee nodded and whipped out her weapon which was a purplish red whip. Emi pulled out two small daggers with brown and yellow handles.
"That's your weapon," Jamee snickered.
"Watch this."
Emi's daggers grew longer into two deadly looking swords.
"Impressive," Jamee said. "Now let's do our strongest moves."
And they did, too! But they only succeeded in destroying the closet walls.
"You dork, you didn't do it right!" Emi yelled at Jamee.
"No, it was you, dork!" Jamee shouted back.
"I wish you wouldn't say that word," Cassie said. "We need to get the marble."
"Shut up dork!" Emi and Jamee yelled together and then got into a dork war, trying to out do each other using the word dork.
Cassie had enough of this. She grabbed one of Emi's swords and started cutting up the floor.
"Oh yeah, I was about to do that," Emi said embarrassed.
"No you weren't, you dork," Jamee retorted.
Cassie stopped them before they could get into another fight. She grabbed the marble and ran off.
"We need to get this to Ryo now," Cassie shouted.
Emi and Jamee followed by White Blaze. They ran down halls until the came to a room with the Ronin Warriors hanging over lava.
"Okay guys, we'll sneak in, take out all the guards, save the Ronins and get out," Cassie explained the plan.
"Right," her companions agreed.
White Blaze stepped forward and a net dropped over him.
"White Blaze," Ryo shouted.
Instantly the Warlords surrounded them. Emi and Jamee took a fighting stance. "Give me the marble girl," Cale ordered.
Cassie ran away. She ran around the lava pit. Cale ran in pursuit.
"Run Cassie," Jamee urged.
"Who are you?" Kento asked.
"We are the ones who are going to save you," Jamee informed him.
"Yeah, we are, like, Ronin Chicks or something like that," Emi added.
"But you won't get far," Dais sneered.
"Who's going to stop us?" Jamee asked defiantly.
"I am." Dais took her challenge.
He took off his helmet which revealed a human face. A pirate's patch was over his left eye and he had a white hair. He unexpectedly lifted up his patch. The two girls cringed in horror.
"Ewww! That's gross!" Jamee shouted, covering her eyes.
"We surrender, just put that thing away," Emi shouted.
Soon Jamee and Emi were hanging over the lava pit and Cassie was still being chased by Cale around it.
"This has got to be the worst day of my life," Jamee complained. But then she looked at Ryo who was next to her. "I could be wrong," she told herself smiling at him.
"Hey Cye," Emi shouted, leaning so she could see him. "Say Super Wave Smasher."
"Supah Wave Smashuh."
"Ah. You're so cute when you say that."
(Ghost: HEY! That's MY line!)
Cye started to blush. Then the head of Talpa appeared.
"Good work my Warlords," he laughed. "We now have captured all five, Ronin Warriors."
"What do you wish to do with them?" Anubis asked with an evil smile.
"Let's have a little fun with them," Talpa sneered evilly.
Abruptly, Rowen, who was on the end, rose up and to the right in the air. When he almost touched the ceiling he started to drop. He swung and hit into Sage who hit into Kento who hit Emi who hit Jamee who hit Ryo who hit Cye who went flying and almost touched the ceiling. Then he came down and went through all of them again. It repeated time and time again until there was no more momentum. Talpa and the other warlords were laughing at their new toy.
"Master, can you help me with the girl?" Cale asked tiredly. He was still chasing Cassie who wasn't even slowing down.
"You better keep running Cassie, you dork," Jamee called.
"Don't call Cassie a dork," Emi said, kicking Jamee.
Then Emi and Jamie got into a kicking fight until one of Emi's chains broke.
"Ah! Stop kicking me, dorkus, or my other chain will break!" Emi shouted.
After a while, Jamee started kicking her again harder and Kento joined in the kicking.
"I'll fall in the lava if my chain breaks," Emi yelled.
They stopped kicking her.
Meanwhile, Cale was still chasing Cassie. But then, a bright light came before her. A man was in it with a large hat, blue and white clothes, and a staff.
"Cassie," the man said. "Use the armor of the Wildfire to save your friends. It is the only way."
"How can I use the armor?"
"Toss it in the air." And then the man disappeared.
Cassie took out the marble that was in her pocket and tossed it in the air. It disappeared and a red sub armor appeared on her.
"Cassie," Ryo shouted. "Hurry and say Dao chi'."
"Just do it!"
She did as she was told to and then an armor appeared on her. She took one step and fell down.
"Ouch," she cried.
Then she heard laughing. Looking up she saw Emi and Jamee laughing hard. The Ronins were laughing, too. But worst of all, the Warlords were laughing along with them.
"Give up girl," Cale laughed. "You can't control the power of the armor of Wildfire."
Then Cassie got mad. She got up and took out the swords. She attacked Cale who was surprised at her effort. Somehow, the armor of Wildfire told her how to use it. She fought like a expert.
"Enough of these games," Cale shouted.
He lifted up his sword and did his strongest move. Black lighting surrounded her.
"Cassie!" Jamee and Emi shouted in horror.
But the armor knew what to do. It created a shield around her, blocking the electricity. Cassie then put the two swords together, handle to handle, and jumped into the air.
"Flare up now!" she shouted.
The swords glowed with energy and shot it at the Dark Warlords. But it didn't hurt them that much.
"She needs more power," Rowen informed them all.
"Everyone give her the power of your armor," Ryo ordered.
" we have to?" Cye whined.
The Ronins started to glow. Their power encircled them and rushed to Cassie. Fire surrounded her and a white armor appeared on her. She stepped forward and fell down. Everyone started laughing at her.
"Stop laughing at me!" she yelled as she got up. She stood there angrily and power started to build up.
"Come on you guys," Jamee instructed. "We have to make her mad."
"Why?" asked Kento.
"Because the more angry she gets the more powerful she gets. It's not called Rage of Inferno for nothing," Emi explained.
Everyone then started calling her a dork.
"Raise your hand if you think Cassie is a dork," Emi said.
Everyone stayed hanging by her wrists. Some of the Warlords raised their hands.
"It's anonymous," Jamee confirmed.
"Shut up you dorks!" Cassie shouted.
Everyone was silenced.
"Cassie, you said the dork word," Jamee said in surprise.
Cassie didn't hear. She was waving the swords in the air, doing the Rage of Inferno move. The Warlords were caught in it and one tripped over a lever that released the Ronins and they swung to safety.
Cassie, who was very tired, fell to the floor, exhausted. The armor returned to a marble. Ryo picked it up and hugged it.
"I missed you so much. Did you miss me, too?" he whispered soothingly to his marble.
"Cassie, are you okay?" Jamee cried running to her.
"Yeah, I'm fine. I just want to go to sleep," Cassie yawned and then fell asleep.
Ryo put on his armor and kicked the Warlord's butts and they ran away screaming like little girls.
"Now it's your turn Talpa," Ryo shouted. He tried to hurt the floating head but his swords just went through it.
"What's going on here?" Ryo asked, surprised. "Why can't I hurt him?"
White Blaze, who escaped from the net, went over to a curtain and opened it. Inside was Talpa, whole body and everything.
"Talpa, why are you in there?" Kento asked. "What's with the floating head?"
"It makes me more intimidating," Talpa said. "But I don't need it to defeat you."
"Quick, let's summon the armor of Inferno!" Rowen said.
The Ronins gave their powers to Ryo. After turning into the white armor of Inferno, Ryo and Talpa faught.
"It's no good, Talpa is winning," Cye said.
"Then let's make him stronger," Jamee said with a smile.
"I don't think calling him a dork will work," Sage sighed.
"Not that way," Emi said, annoyed.
Emi and Jamee glowed and they gave their power to Ryo. Then Ryo started to win. With one last slash, Talpa retreated to his curtained room.
"If I loose, everyone looses!" Talpa laughed as he pushed a button.
Suddenly the room started to callapse.
"We need to get out of here!" shouted Rowen.
"Come on Cassie," Emi said, shaking her. "Nap time over."
"No it isn't," Cassie moaned.
"Get up dork, or you'll get killed," Jamie shouted in Cassie's ear.
That got her up. All of them ran out of the castle.
"Wait a minute, my car!" Emi shouted. She ran back into the crumbling building.
"No, don't go!" Rowen shouted.
"Too late," Jamie said. "It's okay. She can take care of herself."
True to her word, Emi came out with her car roaring.
"Anybody want a ride?" Emi said.
Jamie jumped beside her and Kento got in the back.
"You coming?" Jamie asked Cassie.
She looked at the car disgustedly.
"No thanks. I'd rather ride White Blaze."
They all went back to Mia's house to celebrate their victory. Unfortunately, when Emi was busting up the Dynasty with her car it kind of broke something so they had to stay while Rowen fixed it.
Emi stayed around her car and talked to Rowen. Jamie hung around Ryo and they got to know each other. And Cassie slept.

It was hard to say good-bye.
"Do you think Talpa will come back?" Cassie asked.
"No doubt about it," Cye said.
"Then give us a call when he does," Emi said as they drove off.
"How are we going to get home?" Cassie asked. "It's on the other side of the world."
"The only way any self respecting girl would go," Jamie said casually. "Go crashing through the Dynasty realm through the other door."
"Oh no," Cassie groaned.
"Don't worry," Emi assured her. "I'll go real slow."

Top Ten Reasons to be a Ronin Warrior

10. Two words: White Blaze
9. Good vs evil. Who do you think will win?
8. Do you know anyone else who has a white armor?
7. You get a cool title like "Halo" or "Torrent"
6. You get to play a game where you hide some place and fall asleep and wait until Ryo finds you.
5.The ancient one kicks butt!
4. Why do you think Anubis quit being a Dark Warlord?
3. All the Ronins are hotties!
2. If you join you get to sock Yulie once.
1. "Supah Wave Smashuh!" ^.^

Top Ten Reasons to be a Dark Warlord

10. You don't have to carry around marbles.
9. Nobody says dumb things like "She's a girl!" or "He's a man!"
8. Floating head. Now that's scary.
7. You can call Kento "little man" any time you want.
6. The Dark Warlords didn't cry at the end of the season.
5. Two words: Evil laughter
4. Come on, cherry blossoms? How gay.
3. If you fall asleep in space no one will say they want to leave you behind.
2. Mia's house vs Talpa's castle.
1. No Yulie and Mia