Some parts were revised or rewritten by Hatashi's older sister, Ghost with the author's permission. Oh, and the following story was inspired by this doujinshi picture. You have been warned.

What's for Breakfast?
By: Hatashi

Dark clouds covered the inky, black sky as rain poured down to the earth. Even though the storm was fierce, a fiercer battle was taking place in the city of Toyama. A battle against good and evil.
The streets were empty; save for five daring warriors in their armors and the Dark Warlord they were fighting. Dais was the Warlord of Illusion. His strength and power was great from the dark forces. But he was against five strong warriors and he was no match for them.
"You're done for, Dais," Kento of Hardrock shouted at him, twirling around his weapon.
Even though he knew it was true, the insult was too much for Dais. He leapt at his enemy with all his strength.
Kento smiled. The warrior of strength would not be defeated by such an attack.
"You're finished," Kento shouted and raised his weapon to use the armor's power.
But before he could, a beam of light dropped on Dais and picked him up, returning him to his Dynasty master before he could be further defeated. Kento ran into the beam but it didn't pick him up.
"Come back here you coward!" Kento yelled, infuriated. He shook, trying to keep in his rage.
A hand grabbed his shoulder. Kento turned to the owner. It was Ryo.
"It's okay," Ryo reassured him. "He can't run forever."
Kento nodded and relaxed.
"Let's go home buddy," Kento smiled.

"HOW COULD YOU DISAPPOINT ME AGAIN?!" Lord Talpa glared at his minion.

Dais hung his head in shame. His frown turned even more hateful when he heard the other Warlords snickering at his dilemma. But his hate was turned even more to those who he couldn't destroy.
"Sire, if I could have one more chance to de--"
"Yes, Sire."
"Leave my presence," ordered the master of the Dark Realm.
Dais disappeared from the room and went to his quarters. No sooner had he arrived in his room, Dais found three smirking faces.
"What do you want?" Dais growled.
"We came to congratulate you on your defeat," snickered Cale, the Dark Warlord of Corruption.
"Don't worry, "Anubis sneered. "Lord Talpa will still use you even though you aren't a Dark Warlord."
Dais turned angrily at the Warlord of Cruelty. "What do you mean by that?!"
"He means you no longer qualify as being a Warlord," Sekhmet said in a mocking tone. "With that embarrassing defeat I'm afraid you've proved too weak to be one of us."
Dais' face was red with anger as he charged Sekhmet. But to Dais' surprise, the Warlord of Venom was able to side-step his attack and shove him in the back. Dais fell against the cold, hard stone floor and the others laughed.
"You're getting slow Dais," Anubis laughed and they disappeared from the quarters.
Dais sat there trying to suppress his anger. Sweat soaked his forehead and ran down his face. Grinding his teeth in frustration, he finally let it all out by giving a loud yell that echoed through the castle.
"I've had enough of this," he then told himself. "I'm getting out of here--for good."

Cye Mouri softly crept down the stairs. Even with the late night battle with Dais, he still woke up early in the morning. Giving a small yawn, he ran his fingers through his sandy brown hair. He felt the cold morning air on his face and was glad he was wearing this blue sweats and thick socks.
Stopping at the bottom step, Cye stood quietly as strange noises floated out of the kitchen. He wondered who could be up this early. None of the Ronins were known to be early risers. He quietly tip-toed to the kitchen door and peered in.
Cye gasped at what he saw. The kitchen was a mess. There was food all over the counters, wall, and floors. But it wasn't the new decorations that surprised Cye. In the middle, with his back turned to him, stood Dais, the Warlord of Illusion, at the stove. And in full armor to boot! His large maroon armor was humongous! Eight spikes spouted out of his back and spread all over the place. Dais almost took up the whole room.
As soon as he heard Cye's gasp, the Warlord of Illusion turned around. His helmet covered his face so no emotion could be seen. A white apron with little flowers printed on it adorned his waist. In his right hand he held a frying pan and in his left he had a fork and was stirring something.
"Good mourning," Dais said in a cheerful voice.
"AHHH!" Cye screamed. He ran back up the stairs at break neck speed and opened up the first door in the hall. Jumping into the bed, Cye grabbed the body that was inside which was Ryo.
"Hey, what's the big idea?" the bearer of Wildfire mumbled in a sleepy voice.
"Quick! Go look in the kitchen!" Cye panicked.
"Cye, I'm tired," Ryo moaned, rolling over to go back to sleep.
Cye shook him, "Go look," he insisted.
Ryo rolled his eyes and reluctantly got up. His bare feet dragged on the carpet and he rubbed his eyes as they adjusted to the light. Ryo shivered as he left his warm bed for all he had on was a white T-shirt and some black boxers. He sleepily went down the stairs, followed by Cye.
This had better be important, Ryo thought to himself as he pushed some of his black hair out of his clear blue eyes.
Cye stopped at the stairs and let Ryo walk to the kitchen by himself.
Ryo grabbed the door frame and leaned into it. Strands of hair flew into his eyes as he leaned in the doorway. He again brushed them out of the way so he could see inside the kitchen. Cye stood still and watched Ryo carefully. Ryo was now still, his grip on the door frame tightened and his eyes were wide. The door frame creaked from bearing Ryo's weight so he swung back out of the doorway.
Slowly and with a dazed look on his face, he walked back to Cye.
"What did you see?" Cye asked eagerly.
Ryo opened his mouth, but the words wouldn't come out.
"Ryo, did you see him?" Cye asked even more urgently than before.
Ryo nodded ever so slightly.
"What are we going to do Ryo?" Cye inquired.
"Um...." was all Ryo could say.
But before Cye could say another word, the stairs creaked from the weight of somebody. The two looked up to see two more boys coming down.
Kento yawned loudly. His dark hair bounced as he jumped down the stairs. He had on a yellow sweat shirt that had the word "milkball" on it and matching sweat pants. Behind him came Sage. His silky royal blue pajamas made a small swishing noise as he walked. His blonde hair was messy from his night's rest and it covered more of his face than usual.
"Hey Cye. Hey Ryo," Kento greeted his friends. "Man, I'm starving. What are you cooking Cye?" He sniffed the air. "Woa, is something burning?"
"Go look in the kitchen," was Cye's only answer.
"Why? Did you burn the whole kitchen?" Kento asked jokingly.
"Go look," Ryo repeated.
Kento shrugged and lazily walked into the doorway and leaned against it. Almost instantly his mouth dropped open.
Sage was filled with curiosity and went to look at whatever was in the kitchen. What he saw was something he never would have expected. Inside, Dais was still cooking, but the contents of the frying pan were on fire. He was humming merrily as if nothing was wrong.
Sage stared and stared. After a while he lifted up the hair that covered half his face to get a better look.
"Well?" Cye whispered when they come back.
"Well," Sage began. "Dais is cooking us breakfast in our kitchen."
"You saw him, too?" Cye asked, looking very relieved. "I thought I was seeing things."
"So what are we going to do?" Ryo asked.
"I know what I'm going to do," Kento told his friends. "I'm going to get my armor and kick his butt out of here!"
"Wait a minute Kento," Sage said, grabbing the warrior of strength. "We mustn't be too hasty. We don't even know why he is here."
"He's right Kento," Ryo agreed. "We need to think about this."
Kento had a small fit, but then agreed with Sage. They then went to the table in the dining room and sat down to talk.
"Hey, aren't we missing someone?" Ryo asked.
The face of the last warrior popped in everyone's head.
"Oh yeah, Rowen isn't here," Sage remembered.
"Well I don't want to wait for him to come down," Kento said. "We'll be waiting all morning if we do."
So the other Ronin Warriors followed Kento and bounded up the stairs and barged unto the bearer of Strata's room. But Rowen didn't even wake up when the four Ronins jumped onto his bed and started yelling all at once. Each warrior was doing their best to try and awake the last Ronin from his slumber. Ryo was trying to pry open Rowen's eye lids while Sage yelled at him to wake up.
Finally, they manged to get Rowen in a sitting position half-awake. They started telling him what was going on.
"So you see Rowen, we want you to go down there and tell Dais to go away," Ryo told him.
Rowen nodded, not even paying attention to the babbling. As soon as all the talking stopped he laid back down and buried his face into his pillow to go back to sleep.
"Oh, no you don't," Cye shouted and pushed Rowen off the bed.
Rowen didn't care much. He just curled up in a comfortable position and went to sleep on the floor. Then all the Ronins had to help get him onto his feet. Droopy eyed, Rowen swayed to and fro, trying to get used to standing up again.
His clothes were wrinkled from sleeping in them. His shirt was half unbuttoned like he was too tired to take it off and he also had on boxers. His blue hair stuck out in odd angles and some of it fell into his blue eyes.
Rowen then stumbled out of the room, running into the door and out into the hall. No sooner had he left then his friends heard a loud thump. Running out of the room, they found him snoring loudly on the stairs, sprawled out with limbs helter sketler. Strangely enough, his feet were at the top while his head ended up at the bottom. But he was already fast asleep again with his mouth wide open and a small stream of drool dribbling down.
"Rowen!" they all yelled at him.
Sage at once started to pull Rowen up. Kento began to slap his face gently. Then he started to play with Rowen's face for a while. He pinched Rowen's lips together so he had to breathe through his nose and it made funny noises. Then Kento opened up Rowen's eye lids. When he pulled up Rowen's nose and started making piggy noises Cye slapped his head.
"Kento, help us," Cye yelled.
"Okay, okay," Kento muttered.
Finally, Rowen was on his feet with the other warriors supporting him. Pushing him down the stairs, they directed Rowen to the kitchen and hid in the doorway to watch.
Rowen, not having even the slightest idea how he got in the kitchen or who was in there, sleepily followed along the wall and counter around the room. When he got to the stove, Rowen couldn't see where he was going and bumped into the Warlord.
"Sorry," Rowen muttered.
"That's okay," Dais said in a cheerful voice and patted the bearer of Strata's shoulder.
Reaching his destination, Rowen stopped on the other side of the room and opened up the cupboards.
"What is he doing?"
"Let me see."
"Be quiet Cye!"
The others crowded in the doorway to watch their companion take out his favorite coffee mug that said in bright letters "I LOVE mornings," and pour some coffee in it. He turned around and leaned against the counter. Slowly he lifted up his mug and took a long slurp.
Before he could swallow the hot substance, Rowen's eyes bugged out and he stared at Dais as if for the first time. The former Warlord just turned to him and gave Rowen a small wave before returning to his cooking.
Rowen spat out the coffee from his mouth all over Dais and the kitchen. He peered into his cup of coffee carefully and placed it back on the counter. He quickly walked out of the kitchen and pushed the other Ronins away from the door.
"Now," Rowen began, his eyes narrowed. "Would anyone care to explain why Dais is in our kitchen making breakfast?"
"We thought you knew," Cye gave Rowen a smile.
Rowen was about to comment on Cye's sarcasm when Dais called them to breakfast. Cautiously, the Ronins sat at the table and looked at the charred remains of what used to be pancakes, eggs, and toast. Ryo gave Dais a fake smile. Sage poked at his food lazily as he watched Rowen fall asleep with his face in his ruined scrambled eggs. Kento gave Cye a look that said "I'm not going to eat this" and Cye shuddered at the thought of eating it.
Without warning, a loud beeping noise came from the kitchen. Everyone looked in that direction and saw smoke had filled the room.
"Our house is on fire!" Sage cried. "Do something Ryo!"
"Huh, huh, fire, yes!" Ryo grinned evilly and rubbed his hands together.
"AH!" Sage yelled in frustration. "Cye, please save us!"
"Right," Cye shouted.
He quickly put on his armor. He lifted up his weapon and pointed it at the smoldering kitchen.
"NO! NOT THAT!" Everyone cried--right before the house was flooded with gallons of water.
Moments later, everyone was soaking wet; except for Cye who had just taken off his armor. He gave everyone a smug smile but they all returned it with a glare. The house slowly drained the water out.
"Why did you have to do that?" Kento yelled, taking off his sweater and wringing it out.
But Cye didn't answer. He looked at the kitchen and gasped. It was a worse mess than before. The water had only spread things around and everything was soggy. The floor still held an inch of water that swirled around bits of food and garbage. But what the worst thing was the stove was burned and so was the wall.
Sage looked over and was much surprised to see that Rowen was still sleeping in his now very soggy scrambled eggs. Little bubbles came up from the mess as he continued to snore.
"Woa, what a mess," Ryo said in astonishment.
Dais walked in. He looked around and hung his head. Cye turned to the Warlord. His face turning red with untold fury.
"Get out," he hissed quietly through clenched teeth. "Please, just get out."
Sadness spread through Dais and he felt the urge to help clean up. Looking at part of the counter full of egg shells, wet food containers, and garbage he placed and arm on it and pushed off the contents all over the floor. That was about all Cye could take.
The spiked, armored form of Dais could be seen flying over head as the small bearer of Torrent drop-kicked him into the next country.

Dais trudged slowly down the sidewalk wondering what he was supposed to do now. He didn't know anyone else in the entire city.
Then, without warning, the sky grew black and Talpa's castle appeared in the sky. Three colored lights beamed down and landed by him. In them were Anubis, Sekhmet, and Cale. Their faces were burned and their hair was singed as if they had just been in Talpa's lava pit.
Dais straightened when he saw them.
"What are you dong here?" he huffed.
"We have come to apologize for our atrocious behavior," Anubis muttered.
"Yes," agreed Cale reluctantly. "We realize that your skills are not as worthless as we said and we want you to come back to the Dynasty."
"Yeah," Sekhmet chimed in. "And besides, it's breakfast time and we're hungry."
The other Warlords glared at him, but then realized he was right.
"No one makes scrambled eggs like you Dais," Anubis admitted.
Dais' face it up happily and the Warlords all shared a big group hug as they were beamed up back to the Dynasty; united once again.