Last Updated: September, 9 2017

We are going to set periodical goals for participants to keep everyone on schedule. For September, I need everyone planning to send in content to e-mail me at I need to know what you are planning to submit to help get a better idea of how many pages this book will be. If we are low on art, it will allow us to be more generous with the length of written submissions.

I need to know the number of art pieces you plan to submit and a brief description. For short stories: a brief summary, word count if you have it or a rough estimate of length. For articles: topic and brief description. Word count estimate if you have it.

Sending an e-mail will also ensure you receive personal updates to the project by a member of staff as well as periodic reminders and requests for updates toward the deadline to keep you on schedule.

Samurai Troopers/Ronin Warriors Fan Zine Project.

In honor of the upcoming 30th Anniversary of Samurai Troopers, we are putting together a fan zine project. Our goal is to provide the fandom with a quality, professional fan magazine made by fans for fans commemorating this anime we have all loved for many, many years. What we need from the fan community is submissions of fanart, short stories and articles to fill the pages.

Currently, the place I am looking at to print, the book size is 8 x 10. Soft cover, full color. Page numbers to be determined by amount of submissions. (I am hoping for 30-50 pages). The plan is that the finished book will be available online for purchase AT COST, so you will only be paying for printing and shipping if you'd like a copy. We are trying to make them as affordable as possible so anyone who wants one can afford one.

Here is what we are looking for in submissions:


Fanart should be at 300 dpi for clearest resolution for printing. Currently, the maximum is 5 art submissions per person.

Short Stories

Currently, there is no maximum word count for short stories, but keep in mind that size may be a deciding factor when it comes to which submissions will make it into the zine. Try to keep them brief and all stories must be 100% finished in order to be accepted. Currently, the maximum is 3 short stories per person.


Fan Articles

This is a fantastic, broad section where fans can choose a topic to write about concerning the show, OVAs, and its characters, plot, and concepts. Again, we are looking for brevity and finished articles. Those that are the most thoughtful, insightful, and interesting will be chosen for the zine. Currently, the maximum for articles is 5 per person.

  • One single submitter is welcome to send the maximum of all 3 submission types for a total of 13 submissions. Depending on the amount of submissions, there is no guarantee the every submission will be accepted into the final product. We will not be accepting submissions with OCs or adult/18+ content

    Due Dates

    Submissions are due January 28, 2018

    Currently, the zine is scheduled to be available for purchase Spring/Summer 2018

    How/where to Submit:

    Please send submissions to:

    If you have questions, you can talk to me at: the message board, on Tumblr, Deviant Art, or the e-mail listed above. Comments and feedback are welcome, too. We want to hear from the community!

    Disclaimer: By submitting art or writing to the fanzine project, submitter is stating they have created said works of art or writing themselves and have not stolen or plagiarized another's fan works. If a submission is found to have been submitted by a party other than the original creator, the submission will no longer be eligible to be included in the project.

    Submitter also understands that submitting their fanworks automatically gives permission to the fanzine project to publish said works. The submitter still holds all rights and ownership of said works and may publish those works themselves online as they see fit.

    We cannot guarantee that every submission we receive will make it into the fanzine. It all depends on how many submissions we get. We will certainly do our best to involve everyone who wants to be a part of the project.

    It is not the intention of the project to receieve any monetary compensation by the staff or submitters. All involvement in the project is voluntary and the final product is meant to be sold at cost to fans, staff members, and those who have submitted works.