The challenge: Create a Ronin Warrior/Samurai Trooper related piece of fanwork every day for the entire month of June. This is NOT a contest. There is no prize for the first one finished or those who are able to make it every day. It is just something fun and challenging and, of course, we'd like any excuse to generate more Ronin fanworks in the community. Here are the challenge guidelines:

1. Create your own space where we may find your entries. You may post it to a website, if you have one. Create an album on flickr or photobucket, a folder in your Deviant Art gallery, or post it on tumblr with a hashtag of #BOS so it's easy to find your entires. You are also welcome to create a topic in the forum if you have nowhere else to post your work.

Once you have set up the space where you are archiving your pictures, please send me the link through the forum, DA or tumblr, or e-mail me at I will add your link to our list so we can all keep tract of your marvelous work. Edit: I'd like to encourage participants to create a thread in the forum for your daily entries. It's a great place to see what others are doing and comment and encourage each other. You can find the BOS 2017 section here. Feel free to start your own topic and begin posting in June!

2. Anything Ronin related goes. It can be fanart, memes, wallpapers, icons, OCs, drabbles, poems, whatever strikes your fancy.

3. Only brand new works for the challenge. Not that anyone is going to police you, but the goal is to create brand new works for the fan community. Posting something you made a while back is kind of cheating. However, if you wanted to recreate an old work or ink and color a sketch that was drawn before the challenge began, that's A-Okay. Posting works-in-progess one step at a time can also count for daily posts.

4. Please keep it under a PG-13 rating Again, no one is going to police you. You can make what you wish, but, if there is adult content, I might possibly remove your link from the list. Please, if something is questionable, make sure it gets a warning on it.

5. I saw this on June 7th, but I want to do it. Can I? Heck yeah! You can start half way in if you feel like it. I'll be happy to post a link to any archive you have even if you start half way through the month. Whatever you're willing to do.

6. Have fun and be creative! Don't be afraid to try something new or different. That's what this is for. ^.^


Participants from previous years