Tachibana Covers

Kaim Tachibana is one of my favorite Ronin Warriors doujinshi artists. I adore her style. She's part of a doujinshi circle called Laim (or Lain) Company. This gallery contains covers from my collection I have owned over the years and scanned myself.

This one I found at a convention last year and just about died from happiness. I had no idea a book like this even existed. It's 12x8 (pretty big for an art book) and is hard bound. The cover is Tachibana. The inside is full color and contains art from several different artists including more from Tachibana.

This is the "Nothing" art book. This book has several of her Trooper pictures in it as well as some gorgeous origianl works including her sentai series, Shinesman.

All these covers are one shots released by the doujinshi circle Lain Company, usually containing shorts by two or three artists, one always being Kaim Tachibana.