So Much Doujinshi

These are pictures and stories of my personal collection. I don't necessarily own everything posted here any more. Some items have been sold over the years to make room for other things. But everything here was in my collection at one time or another.

Translated Stories


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Doujinshi by artist/dj circle:

*Kaim Tachibana/Laim Company*
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*Studio Sight*

*Ai Morinaga/Henpo*


These are galleries I have put together on flicker that is a collection of my personal scans as well as pictures found on the internet over the years. None of these are meant to steal from existing web pages. But so many have gone down, many of these are "orphaned" pictures. And maybe I have taken off of auction sites. All pictures located in these Flickr albums are for the general use of the fan community.

NEW! Doujinshi Cover Gallery

NEW! Doujinshi Scan gallery