Doujinshi Anthologies

These anthologies are all from the same publishing company. I *think* it's just called "Trooper" but I could be wrong. These volumes came with sweet color post inserts which are included.

This one has several great stories in it. A wonderful start for a first volume. There's the world's longer dj short that's all about bowling. *shrugs* Yeah, I don't know either. And another awesome one about Cye and Kento catching purse snatchers. Great stuff.

This one has my friend Kim's favorite story about Kento and Rowen running around in Gaiden and they have to stop at like every place there is to get something to eat (in their subarmor no less). Can't fight on an empty stomach! lol

This one is my favorite of the series. There was only one story in there that I thought was drawn extremely horrible. Usually there's a couple more than that. It also has a great story about the Ronins meeting everyone's parents. (Ryo's dad is HOT!) Unfortunately, it's an incredibly long story for a doujinshi so I won't be scanning it any time soon.

I dunno about this volume so much. It had some weird stuff in it. But it had a pretty story about Sage and Cale (but not together!) and I fangirled over that one. There's a pretty one in the back, too about someone's birthday party. (I think it might be Cye's) and it looks like a Tachibana, but I think it's another artist that just draws similar. However, it's still really pretty and I like it a lot.