Doujinshi Anthologies

Doujinshi anthologies are collections from several different artists. They were originally published as one shots and then collected later into these books which are usually about 200 pages long. Different publishing companies and released different collections.

I love this Studio Sight cover. There's also some good shorts in here. But the big bonus is, there's production sketches from the show in the back. Character line art as well as some rough sketches of our boys before they got their final designs. Boy am I glad they changed those to what we know now. *laughs*

One of the older ones in my collection. My sister snatched this one from me and kept it for several months, wanting to translate some of the stories. I don't think she ever managed to, though, and I just recently got it back. This one contains a really odd story about Ryo turning into a girl. There's another one in there about Dais stalking Kento by working at McDonalds. LOL!

This and the one above I always get confused with. I got them around the same time and they look similar on the outside. It has a creepy fold out poster of the warlords with a cute one of the Ronins on the flip side. Lots of cute stories, both serious and funny and even quite a bit of the Warlords in it as well.